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Background > Coalition calls on government to "show us the numbers"

Media Release


Calgary, AB – February 9, 2007: Millions of Canadians have joined with investors and management of income trusts demanding the Harper government be accountable for its broken promise not to alter the tax trusts. Despite repeated requests, the Federal government continues to refuse to present the data used to drive its new tax policy.

“This is no longer just about taxing trusts and the loss to investors, it is clearly about the lack of accountability by a government that claims this to be a priority,” said Gordon Kerr representing the Coalition of Canadian Energy Trusts (the “Coalition” or “CCET”). “Since the surprise announcement on October 31st we have constantly expressed our concern that government has based its decision on incorrect information. Now it appears to be based on no information.”

Members of the trust industry and media have filed Access to Information requests. To date they have either received nothing of substance or pages with most of the data blacked out. Furthermore, to our knowledge, there is no data or analyses that has been done specific to energy trusts. The Coalition produced and delivered to government an in-depth report showing the Finance Minister’s position related to energy trusts to be wrong. There is no tax leakage from energy trusts. At the same time, members of the Coalition continue to visit Federal politicians, present the facts and seek meaningful consultation with the Federal government.

The Finance Committee hearings produced many expert witnesses disagreeing with the government’s position. Even more telling is the fact the government has refused to present facts to the Finance Committee hearings. Instead the Finance department yesterday provided boxes of information already in the public domain.

Now Canadians, seniors, investors, and employees are rallying individually and through their organizations to ask the Harper government to be accountable. “Canadians can only ask – what are you hiding? And, we simply say, show us the numbers”, concluded Kerr.


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